June 30, 2015

Garden Fresh: Mediterranean Salad

A few months ago, I saw a delicious salad on a restaurant's menu and thought "I can make that!" So I did, and it is now one of my favorite salads.

Make your own Mediterranean Salad with the following:

torn romaine lettuce {or whatever you are growing}
pitted kalamata {Greek} olives, sliced in half or quartered
cucumber, sliced or diced
roma tomatoes, diced {or quartered cherry tomatoes}
crumbled feta cheese
{I like to add chicken too.}
dressing of olive oil and fresh lemon juice

You could always add your own twist. Maybe you'd prefer some sweet red peppers, red onion, or sun-dried tomatoes. Also, you could skip the lemon juice in the dressing and mix your olive oil with red wine vinegar. Maybe you'd like salt and pepper in your dressing and/or some fresh garlic.

April 4, 2015

Hope: He is risen!

This last week we've been enjoying the weather, friends, and family. I'm excited to embrace love and hope and to celebrate Easter tomorrow. Tonight I took time to go through some old photos and journal entries. Here is what I wrote last year...

In the fall of 2013, I reflected on how we sometimes believe lies in the post titled "Loss and Lies." I wrote: "Lately, I've been thinking that sometimes we don't want to see these things (pain and loss).  We don't want to talk about these things... But, what if we asked the hard questions and wrestled with the truth?"

I distinctly remember the day...
kneeling before a wooden cross,
repenting of sin,
picking up an old nail,
putting it in that wooden cross.
realizing the pain 
of having someone you love suffering,
someone you love dying.
realizing Jesus was separated 
from his father God.
realizing a perfect Jesus felt it all,
all our suffering and sin.
understanding His body was torn,
He was torn from God.
feeling fully the sacrifice and love
for the very first time.

When He wasn't what we expected, we watched and waited.  When He didn't do what we wanted, we turned from laying our robes at His feet to hanging Him out to dry.  We crucified Him with our words.  We crucified Him with nails in His hands.  But, honestly, our sin is what really nailed Jesus to the cross.  And, truly I tell you, Jesus' love is what kept Him there.

Today we celebrate Easter.  Today we celebrate Jesus' resurrection.  Today we celebrate love and true life.

January 12, 2015

Pizza: Traditional Taste, Nontraditional {low carb or gluten free} Crusts

Have you ever fallen in love with something that isn't good for you? Yes, I'm talking about food here. No, not chocolate. In fact, I don't feel bad at all about my love of rich, dark chocolate. That's good for me {you know: because of the iron, antioxidant properties, and how it increases endorphins and serotonin} ... There is research to prove it! Actually, I'm referring to my love of pizza. 

Unfortunately, when working to drop a few {or twenty some} pounds, I had to let go of my love for the fat and carbohydrate collision that is pizza. No, I didn't stop eating pizza. Yes, I found some alternative crust options. I understand that you may be skeptical at first, but please give me {and the following recipes} a chance. I was skeptical too, but I've found some pizza crusts that are low carb or gluten free and really tasty. Really!


Since school has started, our family has gotten into the habit of having pizza and movie night on Fridays. It's a great night for food, cuddles, and family time. But, it's not fun to smell delicious pizza and see your family eating said pizza without joining them.  So, here are my five favorite recipes for tasty crust alternatives...
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