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Do you ever look at your children, the day on the calendar, or the clock on the wall and wonder "Where did time go?"  In Never Enough Time, I reflect on changing my perspective and choosing my priorities in order to make the most of each day.  Let's really embrace life!

Have you ever felt like you need to slow down?  If we look to the Lord, we see that Jesus did not rush.  Jesus lived with an intentionality that resulted in calm, compassion, and connection.  Rushing, Rushing is about replacing rushing with reflection and personal pursuits with true purpose.  Let's take the time to really love!

Have you ever realized you have routines that no longer work well for your current life?  Project Completion shares specific resources I've found to help me be more efficient with less effort.  Because some days we all need a little help finding our focus!

Have you ever needed to hear others' parenting perspectives or to find specific resources to help your kids with daily tasks?  You can find a variety of articles about parenting on my Pinterest board. Also read about how our "chores" have evolved as my boys have grown up by reading the following entries about their routines and responsibilities: Daddy Dollars & Mommy Mart; Morning Place Mats; Household Helpers; Back-to-School Routine.

Thank you for taking the time to stop, read, reflect, and share.  Please share your thoughts by commenting on any of the above reflections. (Just click the title to link to the full entry.)

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