June 30, 2015

Garden Fresh: Mediterranean Salad

A few months ago, I saw a delicious salad on a restaurant's menu and thought "I can make that!" So I did, and it is now one of my favorite salads.

Make your own Mediterranean Salad with the following:

torn romaine lettuce {or whatever you are growing}
pitted kalamata {Greek} olives, sliced in half or quartered
cucumber, sliced or diced
roma tomatoes, diced {or quartered cherry tomatoes}
crumbled feta cheese
{I like to add chicken too.}
dressing of olive oil and fresh lemon juice

You could always add your own twist. Maybe you'd prefer some sweet red peppers, red onion, or sun-dried tomatoes. Also, you could skip the lemon juice in the dressing and mix your olive oil with red wine vinegar. Maybe you'd like salt and pepper in your dressing and/or some fresh garlic.


So thrilled to be growing lettuce again. This year we are trying different varieties. Did I mention the seeds were free through our local library's seed saver program? We built a second raised bed planter this year, and I really enjoy being able to walk out our back door to pick produce. I'm loving having garden fresh salad!

I'd love to hear from you...

  • What is your favorite salad?
  • What are you growing in your garden?
  • Does your area offer any seed saver programs?

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