November 8, 2014

Baking Fall Treats: All Things Pumpkin

This last month I have been trying new pumpkin recipes, and I'm thrilled to say I have found a few new favorites. Did I mention they are all so very delicious?!
I'm curious which will be your new favorite: pumpkin applesauce muffins, pumpkin and chocolate pudding parfait, or pumpkin pie cheesecake.

I am loving Angela Parker's Pumpkin Applesauce Muffins {THM E}, and thankfully my youngest child feels the same way.  Full disclosure: He already loves traditional applesauce muffins and, when he asked what I was making, I may have left off the pumpkin part {and the fact that they are low fat and low sugar}.  You see, he isn't one to try new things.  I think that's true of a lot of us.  Lately, however, I have enjoyed trying new recipes and playing around with some of my favorite Fall desserts.  Revisiting this recipe at Grassfed Mama, I found it interesting that she too has been playing around with recipes to find delicious, healthier treats.  Also, a fun fact is that she developed this recipe because she wanted something to bring to her women's small group.  I'm actually planning on bringing these to my women's Bible Study Fellowship this coming week.  I mentioned it to two friends in the group, and they were thrilled at my bringing a healthier brunch muffin.
Credit: Grassfed Mama

I found the muffins above and the puddings below on the post 10 Best Trim & Healthy Pumpkin Recipes.  Please check out Angela Parker's top ten list of all things pumpkin.  There are a number of recipes there I haven't had a chance to try yet!

There are few reasons I liked the Pumpkin and Chocolate Pudding Parfait {THM S} recipes.  1) I think it's pretty cool that I can make my own homemade pudding now.  As TJ shares on her site Measuring Flower: "This recipe is pretty easy to make. I’ve learned that making homemade pudding doesn’t have to be as complicated as many recipes make it out to be."  2) To me the pumpkin pudding tastes just like pumpkin pie {without a crust}.  3) This is the first homemade chocolate pudding that I've liked. 4) The pumpkin pudding is delicious along, the chocolate pudding is delicious alone, and they taste great together.  {It was so delicious I didn't even bother making whipped cream.} 5) If you have a special diet, these recipes are gluten free, nut free, and vegetarian.  Also, it's on plan for Trim Healthy Mama way of eating.
Credit: Measuring Flower

Tonight's treat combines pumpkin and cheesecake.  Honestly, I remember the night twenty some years ago when my now dearest husband introduced me to cheesecake.  I said something like this: "I can't believe I've never tried this before! This is so amazing... It's almost better than chocolate."  And I stand by those statements to this day.  I pretty much love anything cheesecake, but this time of year pumpkin and cheesecake are the perfect flavor combination.

Julieanne from Joy In Our Journey shares her struggle in finding pumpkin recipes without sugar and flour.  {I share her pain in acknowledging that these two ingredients are "no-no's" for me as well.}  But I have to say that the PumpkinPie Cheesecake {THM S} that she shared from JoAnna Schrock is truly so decadent that it will not last long at all in my house... So I tasted and took a picture right away.  It's so hard to wait for these type of desserts too cool!  {Honestly, I'm going back for a second piece as soon as I post this!}

So I'm going to directly challenge you today, before Fall is over {yes, our 1st snow may be here in a few days!} please try a new pumpkin recipe!  You never know what you may be missing ;)
  • What are your favorite Fall flavors?
  • Do you have a special pumpkin recipe you make annually?
  • Do you have a new pumpkin recipe that you can't live without now?
  • Will you please share an old and/or new pumpkin recipe here?

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