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I want to go slow and really enjoy each day - enjoy the beauty I see, the special moments with my children, the delicious taste of food and wonderful gift of time with each other. In order to do this though I've found that I need to have purpose, awareness, and gratitude. {See more at living & loving.} Here though I share favorite recipes and resources that I use to organize my time and our home working towards the goal of healthier habits.

I started 2014 by revealing a little of my history and why I need to focus on making healthy choices. Then I shared specific resources in order to achieve Project Mission Completion. Also, I continued to focus on healthy habits this Spring, reviewing progress towards healthy eating over the last year.  Then I started sharing favorite recipes for breakfast and dinner.  Finally, I talked about not being intimidated by making a favorite simple dessert: Chocolate SoufflĂ©.

This Fall I'm organizing the kitchen and my recipes, trying new snacks and meals, and sharing my new favorites. I have written about specific ways I organize our time and recipes in Weekly Meal Planning and Organizing Recipes.  While I'm not freezing bushels of apples like last year, we have already put a dozen bags of apples in our freezer.  I'm excited to have taken two of my apple desserts and adjusted the recipes to be healthier but still oh so delicious. Also, I am happy to share some new pumpkin and decadent chocolate dessert recipes with you.  

I hope you'll join me as I continue to share old and new traditions and recipes. 

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