about me

Welcome!  Please bear with me as I continue to build this blog... It's currently still under construction.
I choose joy today is about living and loving.  It's been a wonderful but, at times, challenging experience being a wife and mother.  Also, it's an exciting and, at times, overwhelming experience juggling multiple roles in and outside the home.  I've been searching for balance in caring for myself and being there for others.  I've decided that balance is an ideal that may be out of reach, but, I'm starting to find my rhythm.  For me, each day is truly about just living life to the fullest, embracing joy, and sharing love.  I've been finding ways to be more efficient and also finding more joy.  I hope you'll join me on my journey.

A little background...  

I'm a woman blessed by family and faith.  Just over 10 years ago I married the perfect man for me.  I'm a Midwest mama raising two amazing boys.  My oldest just turned 8 years old, and my youngest is 5 1/2.  It was eight years ago that I first started blogging.  It was a great way to share pictures of our baby boy with family living all over America.  Two and a half years later our second child was born and ... well, if you have more than one child you know what happened next ... we got even busier, my guys got a lot of my attention, and the blog didn't get any attention at all.

While I've always touted the benefits, I've never been one to journal much.  But, in May of 2008, I put pen to paper to release a flood of emotion after a miscarriage followed just days later by being displaced from our home by a regional flood.  Five years later I put pen to paper again to sort through all the emotions of housing transitions and once again leaving our home town.  I started sharing on the blog again to keep in touch with family, but this time it became something more.  This time I found focus in the clicking of the computer keys... I found perspective, gratitude, and joy.

I'm walking my faith and finding my voice.  I've enjoyed discovering other like-minded bloggers and reading about their perspectives and their projects.  I'm thrilled that you discovered my blog, and I look forward to sharing with you and hearing your perspective too.
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