April 14, 2013

Living Room: Pops of Color (version 1)

Finally, finishing up some rooms!  While my laundry is still all over the bedroom floor (well, nothing new there), I did get the boys' rooms unpacked fairly quickly.  After two weeks, we are finally adding the finishing touches to the living room and the boys' bedrooms. It feels great to no longer have bare walls and to feel a sense of accomplishment having totally decorated a few rooms. 

I've always loved wood floors.  There's something comforting knowing there's wood throughout the main level, but I have to say having carpet in the living room has really grown on me.  The boys have done a great job of leaving their shoes and food in the kitchen and keeping the beige carpet clean.  It was interesting decorating an all vanilla room though without having wood on the floor and a colorful area rug to pull all the colors together.  So, I stepped out of my comfort zone and decorated with bright pops of color and played with asymmetrical design.  I also stepped away from relying on dark brown wood tones to ground everything and added touches of black throughout the room.

So, here is the finished living room:
view from the front door
couch and front window
empty corner was perfect for the desk

heading into the hall and kitchen

The color is a little off in the photos.  The couch is a buttery tan, the side chairs a dark sage green, and the ottoman a chocolate brown.  The pops of color are a dark teal and a brighter green.

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